Liverpool is relying on Núñez, whose performance was successful during the match at Newcastle.

Liverpool is relying on Núñez, whose performance was successful during the match at Newcastle.

It took Darwin Núñez a year to leave his mark on Liverpool, but the timing couldn’t have been better. Substituted late in the match against Newcastle United on Sunday, the Uruguayan forward netted two goals that transformed a potential loss into a victory for Jurgen Klopp’s side. These goals may have finally showcased the potential that had been talked about.

After joining Liverpool for a record-breaking transfer fee from Benfica in the summer of 2022, potentially costing £85 million, Núñez has experienced highs and lows. While he’s displayed flashes of brilliance, his inconsistent finishing, erratic decision-making, and susceptibility to distractions have often overshadowed his talent.

However, Núñez possesses undeniable potential. Despite being a rough diamond that requires refining, his capacity to frustrate fans and teammates alike has led to skepticism about his ability to truly shine at Liverpool.

His two crucial goals at St. James’ Park secured a 2-1 victory for Liverpool, even when they were down to ten players due to Virgil van Dijk’s red card. While these goals won’t completely eliminate doubts, Núñez’s clinical finishing will be a relief to Klopp, especially since his team heavily relies on him this season.

Klopp praised Núñez’s performance, acknowledging his eagerness after not starting the match. Although stability and results are essential, Klopp has no doubt that Núñez will continue to play a role.

Having been signed as part of Liverpool’s future plans post-Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino, and Mohamed Salah, Núñez’s debut season at Anfield was challenging. With Firmino and Mané’s departures, it’s now Núñez’s time to step up. Despite not starting a game this season, Klopp is still figuring out how to optimize Núñez’s potential.

Núñez’s ability to bounce back from mistakes is a positive trait. Despite errors and missed opportunities, his ability to refocus and score demonstrates his potential. Klopp’s challenge lies in consistently harnessing Núñez’s potential to convert opportunities.

Núñez’s winner against Newcastle showcased his potential to score challenging goals. While he struggles with easier chances, refining this aspect through training is possible.

The fact that Núñez could rescue and secure a win for Liverpool underscores the team’s resilience under Klopp. Despite Newcastle’s dominance, Liverpool managed to withstand pressure and capitalize on Núñez’s lethal contribution.

Núñez’s performance in this match was his standout moment for Liverpool. Now, the challenge is turning such moments into regular occurrences.


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