Former WWE champion Bray Wyatt passed away at 36 years old.

Former WWE champion Bray Wyatt passed away at 36 years old.

WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt, renowned for his exceptional creativity in the world of professional wrestling and his ability to push artistic limits with groundbreaking personas, passed away on Thursday at 36 years old. The news was shared on social media by WWE’s chief content officer, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, as he announced the sad development.

Wyatt,known by his birth name Windham Rotunda, had been absent from WWE for the past few months due to an undisclosed health concern.His association with WWE began in 2009 and continued, except for an unexpected release spanning slightly more than a year in 2021 and 2022. In a remarkable comeback, Rotunda reappeared in WWE last September, generating considerable excitement. His enigmatic narrative, accompanied by cryptic scenes, played a pivotal role in elevating TV viewership.

“I was just contacted by WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda, who shared the heartbreaking news that our lifelong WWE family member Windham Rotunda, also recognized as Bray Wyatt, tragically departed today,” Levesque expressed on X, formerly referred to as Twitter. “During this difficult period, our condolences are with his family, and we kindly request that their privacy be honored.”

Hailing from a lineage of wrestlers, Rotunda had wrestling in his blood. His father, Mike, rose to prominence in WWE under the alias Irwin R. Schyster and competed in various promotions using both his real name and the persona Michael Wallstreet. Rotunda’s uncle, Barry Windham, achieved considerable acclaim as one of the top wrestlers during the 1980s and early 1990s, notably as a former member of the esteemed Four Horsemen faction. Keeping the tradition alive, Rotunda’s brother, Taylor, is also part of WWE’s roster and previously wrestled under the ring name Bo Dallas.

Windham Rotunda was wedded to JoJo Offerman, a former WWE ring announcer, and together they shared parenthood over two children. In addition to his present family, Rotunda also had two children from a prior marriage. His accolades in WWE include holding the prestigious title of WWE Universal champion on two occasions, as well as the honor of being a former WWE champion.

Commencing his journey in WWE’s developmental program under the persona Husky Harris, Rotunda later transformed into Bray Wyatt, an unhinged leader of a cult dwelling in the swamplands. Through his eerie charisma, he enticed followers into his fold. Alongside his Wyatt Family compatriots (Erick Rowan and the departed Luke Harper, whose actual name was Jonathan Huber), Wyatt gained substantial acclaim within NXT, WWE’s developmental sector. Their prominence carried over to the primary WWE roster in 2014, garnering considerable anticipation.

At that juncture, Rotunda stood out as one of the roster’s most talented entertainers, particularly excelling in narrative delivery through his microphone skills. He introduced the catchphrase “follow the buzzards” and incorporated song lyrics like “he’s got the whole world in his hands.” As he made his entrance, the arena would plunge into darkness until he emerged holding a lantern, with fans illuminating the scene by raising their cellphone lights, all while his haunting music resonated throughout.

In 2019, Rotunda underwent a transformation, adopting the persona of The Fiend, a supernatural entity. He sported a disturbing clown-like mask resembling something from a horror movie. While Bray Wyatt continued to feature in family-friendly skits under the title Firefly Funhouse, The Fiend, representing a darker alter ego, took his place in wrestling matches. These concepts were intricate and imaginative, largely originating from Rotunda himself. The Fiend character stirred differing opinions due to its near invincibility in the ring, but it marked a creative leap and stood as one of the most captivating elements on WWE television during that period.

Rotunda made his WWE comeback the previous year, having been let go in 2021. He portrayed his old persona Bray Wyatt, now a heroic figure struggling with haunting memories of The Fiend and Uncle Howdy. The narrative was unfolding through February, but Rotunda had to step away from TV due to health concerns.

On Thursday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson expressed his deep admiration and affection for him and the Rotunda family in a heartfelt message on X. He praised the captivating charisma, compelling promos, skilled in-ring performances, and the strong bond he shared with the WWE fanbase. Johnson also recognized the exceptional and uncommon nature of his character, something that is a challenging feat to achieve in the dynamic realm of professional wrestling.





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